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Welcome to the Enchanted Gingerbread web site.
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Welcome to a Gingerbead Corner! Presented by Enchanted Gingerbread®.

Workshops with elf assistance are currently being scheduled at this time. So check back with us for dates, times and places.
We will bring a "Gingerbread Corner" to your location in the greater Nashville area!

Contact us throuh email at
or call Gayle at (615)405-0280

Let our elves help you "Make a big sticky mess and eat all of your mistakes!"


We ship workshops!

Private workshops in your home!

Workshops on site with a full Enchanted Gingerbread® crew: Whether for 10 or 100, Enchanted Gingerbread® can bring a wonderful workshop to your location. These private workshops include everything needed for a great time! Call to arrange your very special event, with all the gingerbread shapes, candies, icing, teacher elves and helper elves your heart desires!

We can ship you a Workshop-in-a-box: If you'd rather hold your own workshop, Enchanted Gingerbread can drop ship all the materials you will need straight to your door. You'll receive the candy, icing, gingerbread pieces, all ready for your magic touch!

Call Gayle at 615-228-9421 or at (615)405-0280 for all the details.

Enchanted Gingerbread® 3748 Moss Rose Road Nashville TN 37216 615-228-9421 and 615-405-0280