Custom replicas of the beautiful
Radio City Music Hall.

Here's Nicole Kidman making her own masterpiece at our Gingerbread Workshop!

This Vonage headquarters replica was the showpiece of their company Christmas party!

A band on the back of a custom house
made for Gwen Stephani.

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This entirely edible 6'x4' diorama of The Gaylord Texan took 116 hours to make. Oli O'Hanlon then drove it to Dallas, Tx in 12 hours! When he arrived and opened the truck, he said "It smelled like 31 flavors!"

Steve and Brian loading the Gaylord Texan Diorama onto a 20 foot U-Haul truck for delivery.

While Gayle has been making replicas for 20 years this is her first diorama. This is of the the Gaylord Texan Resort. Click the picture to see more!

Entering the magical world of the Gaylord Texan Resort! Yeeha!

Attention to the corporate world and those interested in replicas!
Select a delivery date for your bulk order and to have a replica made! Just email us a photo of what you have in mind and we would be happy to give you a quote! Discounts apply until the end of June!

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We take great pride in our custom work and look forward to working with you to make your dreams come true! We are up for any challenge -- the more creative, the better. It is never too early! Please call today at 615-228-9421 to discuss anything you might have in mind, and we will happily talk with you about the process and the possibilities.

Gayle and Daniella working on the Paramount order.
Thank you to the President of Paramount Pictures for ordering 100 custom gingerbread houses for your Christmas gift list! It was a busy three weeks!

Willy Wonka's got nothing on us!
Check out how we roll!


It's never too early, get inspired to decorate your gingerbread for the holidays by watching OUR CLIP from "Food Finds" on the Food Network!

On May 2nd 2010 much of Nashville was declared a FEMA natural disaster by President Obama. We got wiped out! To get an idea of what hit us you can view this youtube video. I am humbled by our reputation here at Enchanted Gingerbread seeing as we don't know these boys.

Making the impossible possible! After the flood we were given 3 days to make this sample replica for Bendels and get it to Manhattan on time. WE DID IT! Thanks to the help of our friend Bruce Fitzpatrick for loaning us his kitchen.

Ian and Gayle working till the wee hours in a friends kitchen. Thank you Bruce!




This is the real deal folks. Dripping in what I estimated to be well over $100,000 in real gems. Some rocks are $20,000 each!

Gayle and Team Daniella drove this house to Knoxville and embellished it with over $100,000 of real rubies, sapphires, diamonds and Tahitian pearls. Niemans "Wishlish" take notice!

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O Mag December 2008!

We made the O List AGAIN!!!
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Sue at a private workshop
at Alan Jackson's house.
Our home

Our traditional Christmas and Hannukah
cottages are heartwarming gifts.

We made the O List in December 2002!
Thanks, Oprah, for featuring us!

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